Nov. 3rd, 2012

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Dear Yuletide Author:

Yay Yuletide! This is one of my favorite fannish times of year and I'm just thrilled you will be writing for me. So don't stress about writing a story for me, I'm pretty easy to please. I'm sure I'll be happy with whatever you write!

Things I like: flirting, humor, snarkiness, first time, relationship fic, ust, bdsm, smut, friendship leading to romance, missing scenes, fix-it stories.

Things I don't like: torture, character death, unhappy endings, mpreg in non-sci/fantasy setting, OOC

Revenge: Emily Thorne, Nolan Ross
I'm a total Emily/Nolan shipper. I would love something either in the past or the future...
I love Nolan so much. He makes the show for me. I love how he drops everything for Emily and isn't afraid to call her out when he thinks she is going to far. Their relationship is just so magnetic and fun. Feel free to explore their relationship as either friends or lovers (or both).

Revolution: Charlie Matheson, Miles Matheson
I want to see this relationship in more detail...and if you want to go to a sexual place, I'd be thrilled.
I'm a sick, sick girl and for some reason these two have taken my interest in a way that I didn't quite expect when I started watching this show. I don't even know if I can explain it but I just need to see this relationship play out that way.

Lost Girl: Kenzi, Dyson
I love these two friends or something more.
Who doesn't love Kenzi? She is the best friend a girl or guy (Hale!) could have. And the way Kenzi and Dyson interact with each other....It's just joy. Give me some werewolf tropes, or Russion lore. Just give me some Dyson/Kenzi love!

Millennium Trilogy: Lisbeth Salander, Mikael Blomkvist
I really, really wanted these two to end up together at the end of the series..
All the while I was reading these books, I kept hoping that Mikhail and Lisabeth would end up together. Maybe I was overly influenced by the Daniel Craig movie...But I really want a fix-it.


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