Jan. 26th, 2015

Ship Swap

Jan. 26th, 2015 12:46 pm
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Hello, thanks for writing for me! Don't stress about writing a story for me, I'm pretty easy to please. I'm sure I'll be happy with whatever you write!

Things I like: flirting, humor, snarkiness, first time, relationship fic, ust, bdsm, smut, friendship leading to romance, missing scenes, fix-it stories.

Things I don't like: torture, character death, unhappy endings, OOC

Sherlock: Irene/Sherlock/John
Sherlock is my fandom. I love Johnlock but I also love Irene. However, I don't see this threesomes as something that would last but more as one time thing or an exploration of John & Sherlock's kinkier side.

CSI: Grissom/Lady Heather
There's something about this pairing that even after all this time makes my heart soar. So anything with them would be great from any time in their friendship/relationships (any episode) to domesticity to exploring their kinkier side.

Lost Girl: Dyson/Kenzi
Who doesn't love Kenzi? She is the best friend a girl or guy (Hale!) could have. And the way Kenzi and Dyson interact with each other....It's just joy. Give me some werewolf tropes, or Russion lore. Just give me some Dyson/Kenzi love!

Outlander: Claire/Jamie 
I love Scotland, time travel, ridiculous historical fiction.  Outlander has that in spades.  And then there is Claire & Jamie. I love their star-crossed romance. I found this fandom through Starz and have yet to read the books but I'm planning on it. So please no spoilers.

Forever: Henry/Iona
I was thrilled when Forever introduced Iona and I hope that they come back to her character like CSI did with Lady Heather. So I would love to see what happened after the Ecstasy  of the Agony.

Crossovership: Constantine/Dresden
When I saw this pairing listed in the Crossover Ships, it totally intrigued me. I'm not sure how these two would meet but I'm sure it would be explosive and possibly hysterically funny. Go wild! 


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