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Dear Yuletide Writer:

Sorry this is so late, every time I sat down to write this I stop in the middle and when I pick back up it would be missing because Firefox crashed or some other mishap. Anyways, it's here now and I hope this helps or at least doesn't hinder. Because I'm sure I'll like anything that is written in these four fandoms.

Things I like: flirting, humor, snarkiness, first time, relationship fic, ust, bdsm, smut, friendship leading to romance, missing scenes, fix it stories.

Things I don't like: character death, unhappy endings, mpreg in non-sci/fantasy setting

Lost Girl: Kenzi, Dyson
I'd like to see more of Kenzi and Dyson's friendship. If you would like to take it a romantic level that would make me even happier.
I admit it Kenzi and Dyson (and Trick) are my favorite characters and somewhere along the line I got in my head that I wanted them together... And I guess the rest you say is history. Please note I do like Bo, so feel free to use her if you like just no Lauren.

Raising Hope: Jimmy, Sabrina
What if Drakkar Noir hadn't run out of Howdy's Market so fast and Sabrina had met him at the end of Don't Vote for this Episode. Or what happens when Sabrina finds out that Jimmy is Drakkar Noir?
Raising Hope was the first comedy I've watched in over 5 years. Yes, really. I kept seeing the first few minutes after Glee because my Tivo would tape them and it would make wonder if it was really as good as those few minutes. I then mainlined it over the summer in a weekend. Anyways... I'm totally intrigued with the past that they showed in the last episode of the first season. Drakkar and Jimmy seem so totally different but also the same and I would love to see more of that. Plus the whole Sabrina thing just made it even more delicious.

Grimm: Nick, Eddie
Would like to see more of Nick and Eddie's friendship. If it develops in to more, I'll be even happier.
I love how Nick just shows up at Eddie's door expecting him to help...and after a bit of griping he always does. For some reason these two just make me awfully happy.

Revenge: Amanda aka Emily, Jack, Nolan, Emily aka Amanda
I admit it I would love to see some weird messy quadrangle going on here. And yes, I would love it if you use Nolan's bisexuality.
Okay, so this where you see into my head and see just how screw it is....I love Nolan a lot. I wouldn't mind seeing him paired with Amanda or Jack or both. But back to my prompt, it's obvious that the show is going in the Jack/Emily direction and it's clear that their is UST between Amanda/Jack. IMHO, Nolan seems to have chemistry with everyone but especially Amanda & Jack. My only request is if possible please get Nolan laid by someone he cares about.


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