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Yup, still alive. I've been lurking on tumblr mostly. But recently I've been feeling very Fannish. So Fannish that I feel the need to interact... And it still feels weird interact on tumblr that isn't reposting or sharing pics.. So I've been looking for ways to interact with fandom again.

I even went so far to look into going to Escapade. Unfortunately, I also saw that Sam Roberts was playing in Montreal at the same time. And well I haven't been to Montreal in quite sometime. Canada is one of my favorite places and I've missed visiting for a weekend or more. I can't complain though, the reason I haven't been to Canada in a while is because I went to Scotland last spring and London in October for my birthday.

So I been busy traveling. I also got promoted at work which will eventually lead to more money and has already led to less hours. I just wish I wasn't doing my old job and my new job at the same time. But of course it takes forever to fill a state job.

I've also been slowly updating my house with a new deck and home automation. Home automation really intrigues the geek in me. Next up is a new front porch and redoing my living room setup. To help out with that I've been purging my DVDs. Actually I'm purging many things to make my life simpler. Or maybe I've just realized I don't need so much stuff.

Anyways I feel very Fannish which seems odd since I'm mainly still focused on Sherlock. Though I can't wait for more MCU movie and House of Cards.

I want to get more active in fandom. If anyone has any recs for kink memes, prompt communities, or other things that would be great.

Also, where can I see the Eichmann Show?


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