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Sometimes I wonder if Wilbur thinks his name is actually Mister since I seem to call him that much more than his actual name. Like 'Hey Mister, where do you think you're going?' when he's making a run (and possibly a leap) for the side table.
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There are times when I think I should seriously call 2008 - the year of the headache(s). Because that is what stands out predominately about 2008 lots and lots of headaches. The granddaddy of them all happening on Christmas Eve.

I've been on Topamax since the spring/summer and I was doing well on it until October and then it seemed to go straight down hill and even though they've upped my medication at the beginning of December (when I finally saw my neurologist) it hasn't helped. In fact it almost seems worse some how.

However there have been some good things this year. There were many Enter the Haggis Concerts. And two Spirit of the West concerts.

There is Wilbur, who is a total joy even when he's stubbornly misbehaving. (I have no idea where he gets that behavior from.)

Then there was the best birthday ever followed up by Epicuricon!!! 2008 which was just a blast. I love combining fandom, cheesecake, and cooklng. It's a bit weird but we all enjoy it.

And of course all my friends.

In case you want to see the holiday images that I took of Wilbur I present:

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I've been taking a whole bunch of pics of Wilbur for this years holiday card (see post following this). Last night he discovered that playing under the santa hat was much more fun especially when he discovered the stash of treats that I've been bribing him with.

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A bunch of you asked what Wilbur eats so I thought it best to answer it here. Primarily, he eats a mix of cat food. All the hedgehog websites recommend more than one type/brand of cat food for balance diet. On occasion he gets treats of freeze-dried crickets and meal worms.


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