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 Music plays a big part in my writing process and since I'm itching to write again, I've been pondering what music does Bruce Banner listen to. It's obvious what Tony listens to, we're bombarded with it in the Iron Man and Avengers movies... So for the first time, I've downloaded AC/DC and Black Sabbath. (Sorry, my love for science boyfriends won't get past my dislike for Metallica.)
But back to Bruce, my first thought was Clash/Sex Pistols/Siouxsie but then I think I'm writing Mark Ruffalos Bruce here not Norton or Bana Bruce (and let's face it, it's all about Mark Ruffalo for me). Which brought me to Cat Stevens & Fleetwood Mac(thanks, rock and roll hall of fame visit) but to me Bruce isn't much older than myself and I didn't listen to them when I was younger... So that brought me to the Talking Heads but I'm still iffy on it..
So I welcome any thoughts, music recs, etc.

Nim update

Apr. 18th, 2015 12:42 pm
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 Nim came out of her surgery Monday, ready to run, jump, and play. She totally doesn't understand why she can't or why I won't let her lick her itchy side. 

In in even better news, we've already got the results back from her biopsy. The tumor was low grade. So the removal was the cure. It's unlikely that she'll have another tumor but it's still possible. So we'll just keep an eye out just in case.

Nim update

Apr. 6th, 2015 06:58 pm
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I had a long conversation with the vet tech today and got some answers about her surgery next Monday. (Now that I'm slightly more rational.) Nim does have a mast cell tumor which is a form of skin cancer.  They will remove it and some of the surrounding tissue to make sure they get it all. The biopsy will take 7 - 10 days.  Either the vet tech or the doctor will call with the results -- what stage the tumor was. (The doctor will be bad  news of course. So we can discuss the next steps.)
So between now and then I have to figure out Nims aftercare during the day. The worst case scenario is that she goes to the vets during the day. (Nim is not fond of the vets and I don't really want to put her through that if I can help it.) A slightly better scenario is having her day care take her and put her in a suite by herself. At least there she will be with people she knows well. The best case scenario is some combination of myself, my mom, Chris, and any other person I can wrangle into helping out by taking care of her at home during the day. (It really sucks that this is all happening while John is at home taking care of Fred & Kipper.)
Right now, I'm doing okay. Because it finally sunk in that Nim is strong and crazy girl who will fight this like crazy and so am I.

I also want to thank everyone for their well wishes, they've helped. Please keep us in your thoughts over the next few weeks.


Apr. 5th, 2015 02:25 pm
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 So Yesterday,  I took Nim to the Vet. I was fully expecting to get a lecture about her weight.  Instead, she looked at the bump on her side and decided to aspirate it to be safe. She took the sample and came back and told me that it was a malignant tumor that needed to be removed. I'm sure she told me what type of tumor but I can't remember. Everything seemed to crash down. I think it's mast cell but I can't be positive. She did say something about stages which make me think it's mast cell. Which I've coursed googled and is scaring the hell out of me.

So yes, Nim is scheduled for her surgery next Monday which seems forever from now. I haven't left her side for more than a few minutes since. And now every time I think about it, I fall apart and cry. Because she's my little girl, my best friend,  my everything. I can't imagine my life without her. 

So I'm going to be a basket case for the next week or two at least. At the moment I can't handle talking about it. It took a lot to just write this down. So please be kind.

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 I'm very tempted to go to Sherlocked. Anyone else thinking of going?
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 By soo

Part 2 of Foreign Relations

A late night/early morning phone call.

Mycroft glanced down at his mobile as it rang. Few people had his personal number. Of those only two would call at this hour of the morning and he left one of them in his bed. He’d wondered when Francis would let him know that Walker had stabbed him in the back and what he planned on doing about it.
He sat down and answered. “Francis, good morning or should I say good evening.”
"I have a situation."
"I’ve heard," Mycroft said softly.
"Of course, you have. Do you have spies everywhere?"
Mycroft laughed. “Not everywhere. Just the important places.”
"I’m glad to hear that the British Government considers this important."
"Important is putting it mildly. I’ve invested too much to let this fall apart." Mycroft settled back in his chair and powered on his computer. "Do you have a plan?"

Frank hesitated. “Not as such.”

Mycroft blinked. “But you are going after Walker?”

"If I have your support."

"Of course, Francis. Just let me know what you need."

"Thank you," Frank said with relief.

"May I suggest you start with your replacement?"

"Kerns…that’s an excellent idea."

Mycroft agreed and rang off. He opened up his email to the latest American report. Francis had his work cut out for him. He smiled. It was time to get down to business.

Ship Swap

Jan. 26th, 2015 12:46 pm
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Hello, thanks for writing for me! Don't stress about writing a story for me, I'm pretty easy to please. I'm sure I'll be happy with whatever you write!

Things I like: flirting, humor, snarkiness, first time, relationship fic, ust, bdsm, smut, friendship leading to romance, missing scenes, fix-it stories.

Things I don't like: torture, character death, unhappy endings, OOC

Sherlock: Irene/Sherlock/John
Sherlock is my fandom. I love Johnlock but I also love Irene. However, I don't see this threesomes as something that would last but more as one time thing or an exploration of John & Sherlock's kinkier side.

CSI: Grissom/Lady Heather
There's something about this pairing that even after all this time makes my heart soar. So anything with them would be great from any time in their friendship/relationships (any episode) to domesticity to exploring their kinkier side.

Lost Girl: Dyson/Kenzi
Who doesn't love Kenzi? She is the best friend a girl or guy (Hale!) could have. And the way Kenzi and Dyson interact with each other....It's just joy. Give me some werewolf tropes, or Russion lore. Just give me some Dyson/Kenzi love!

Outlander: Claire/Jamie 
I love Scotland, time travel, ridiculous historical fiction.  Outlander has that in spades.  And then there is Claire & Jamie. I love their star-crossed romance. I found this fandom through Starz and have yet to read the books but I'm planning on it. So please no spoilers.

Forever: Henry/Iona
I was thrilled when Forever introduced Iona and I hope that they come back to her character like CSI did with Lady Heather. So I would love to see what happened after the Ecstasy  of the Agony.

Crossovership: Constantine/Dresden
When I saw this pairing listed in the Crossover Ships, it totally intrigued me. I'm not sure how these two would meet but I'm sure it would be explosive and possibly hysterically funny. Go wild! 

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Yup, still alive. I've been lurking on tumblr mostly. But recently I've been feeling very Fannish. So Fannish that I feel the need to interact... And it still feels weird interact on tumblr that isn't reposting or sharing pics.. So I've been looking for ways to interact with fandom again.

I even went so far to look into going to Escapade. Unfortunately, I also saw that Sam Roberts was playing in Montreal at the same time. And well I haven't been to Montreal in quite sometime. Canada is one of my favorite places and I've missed visiting for a weekend or more. I can't complain though, the reason I haven't been to Canada in a while is because I went to Scotland last spring and London in October for my birthday.

So I been busy traveling. I also got promoted at work which will eventually lead to more money and has already led to less hours. I just wish I wasn't doing my old job and my new job at the same time. But of course it takes forever to fill a state job.

I've also been slowly updating my house with a new deck and home automation. Home automation really intrigues the geek in me. Next up is a new front porch and redoing my living room setup. To help out with that I've been purging my DVDs. Actually I'm purging many things to make my life simpler. Or maybe I've just realized I don't need so much stuff.

Anyways I feel very Fannish which seems odd since I'm mainly still focused on Sherlock. Though I can't wait for more MCU movie and House of Cards.

I want to get more active in fandom. If anyone has any recs for kink memes, prompt communities, or other things that would be great.

Also, where can I see the Eichmann Show?
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01/06. Had a nice weekend at the farm
01/13. Nimmy turned 3!
01/19. New couch arrived!
01/21. Watched Obama get inaugurated again.
02/02. Nimmy did well at first day of daycare.
02/22. Toronto!
03/02. Cablecards actually work!
03/02. Saw ETH at the Egg
05/13 - 05/17. Amsterdam with Anne & Jo!
05/17 - 05/19. Cardiff with Anne & Jo!
05/19 - 05/21. Amsterdam again!
06/06. Saw Metric in concert
07/24. Art on my walls!
07/28. Found free books on the side of the road.
08/15. Tyrannosaurus Sue!
08/27. Celebrated Johns birthday at Samurai.
09/12 - 09/15. PEI!
09/13. Saw the Trews!
10/22. Celebrated my birthday at Wheatfields.
11/03. Knocked over by Nimmys enthusiastic kisses.
11/28 - 11/29. Black Friday!
12/18. Early solstice dinner!
12/19. Pulled off Work's Holiday party without killing anyone.
12/21. Solstice!
12/25. Goodbye Eleven!
12/31. Cuddled in the New Year with Nimmy

2012 Movies

Jan. 2nd, 2013 02:07 pm
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01. The Girl with Dragon Tattoo
02. State of Play (2009) 
03. One for the Money 
04. Hunger Games
05. What happens in Vegas
06. The Bounty Hunter
07. Captain America
08. The Avengers
09. Cellular
10. Battleship 
11. Paul
12. MI: Ghost Protocol
13. The Princess & The Frog
14. Prometheus 
15. War Horse
16. Tinker tailor soldier spy
17. Abraham lincoln vampire hunter
18. Water Horse
19. Hesher
20. Life as we know it
21. Alice in wonderland 
22. The Alphabet Killer
23. Poseidon 
24. Amazing Spiderman 
25. Wonderland 
26. Glee the concert
27. What's Your Number
28. The good night
29. Creation
30. Wild Target
31. Going the distance
32. Bourne legacy 
33. The whistleblower 
34. A knights tale
35. Death at a funeral (2007)
36. Odd life of timothy green
37. Tiptoes
38. Made of honor
39. Long walk home
40. Extract
41. Glorious 39
42. Burke & Hare
43. Dreaming of Joseph Lees
44. Saint John of Las Vegas
45. Different for girls
46. The Conspirator 
47. Madness of King George
48. Gnomeo & Juliet
49. Fire & Ice
50. One Nation Under Dog
51. Made in Dagenham
52. Looper
53. Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011)
54. An Unfinished Life
55. Wreck It Ralph
56. Decoy Bride
57. Skyfall
58. The Hobbit
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Dear Yuletide Author:

Yay Yuletide! This is one of my favorite fannish times of year and I'm just thrilled you will be writing for me. So don't stress about writing a story for me, I'm pretty easy to please. I'm sure I'll be happy with whatever you write!

Things I like: flirting, humor, snarkiness, first time, relationship fic, ust, bdsm, smut, friendship leading to romance, missing scenes, fix-it stories.

Things I don't like: torture, character death, unhappy endings, mpreg in non-sci/fantasy setting, OOC

Revenge: Emily Thorne, Nolan Ross
I'm a total Emily/Nolan shipper. I would love something either in the past or the future...
I love Nolan so much. He makes the show for me. I love how he drops everything for Emily and isn't afraid to call her out when he thinks she is going to far. Their relationship is just so magnetic and fun. Feel free to explore their relationship as either friends or lovers (or both).

Revolution: Charlie Matheson, Miles Matheson
I want to see this relationship in more detail...and if you want to go to a sexual place, I'd be thrilled.
I'm a sick, sick girl and for some reason these two have taken my interest in a way that I didn't quite expect when I started watching this show. I don't even know if I can explain it but I just need to see this relationship play out that way.

Lost Girl: Kenzi, Dyson
I love these two friends or something more.
Who doesn't love Kenzi? She is the best friend a girl or guy (Hale!) could have. And the way Kenzi and Dyson interact with each other....It's just joy. Give me some werewolf tropes, or Russion lore. Just give me some Dyson/Kenzi love!

Millennium Trilogy: Lisbeth Salander, Mikael Blomkvist
I really, really wanted these two to end up together at the end of the series..
All the while I was reading these books, I kept hoping that Mikhail and Lisabeth would end up together. Maybe I was overly influenced by the Daniel Craig movie...But I really want a fix-it.
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Any Canadians out there want a free subscription to Chatelaine?? I got a code from Roots but they won't send to NY,
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Since the Olympics started, I've been watching a lot of football (Go Team GB!) Isn't weird how there is an American and Canadian women's team but no men's team? I've gotten so caught up in football fever Ive even watched British & Scottidh Premier league games from last season onFox Soccer(would you believe I feel uncomfortable saying I watch that channel???)

I even wandered over to the football slash journal to see who are the pairings....Sadly, I didn't recognize any of the names. Though that might be because I'm hyper focused on Team GB: Ryan Giggs, Craig Bellamy, and Neil Taylor.
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If I could vid, this would be a Sherlock vid...

Half Moon Run - Full Circle
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Am still here... Wasn't here at the beginning of the year but May came along and with it the Avengers & Sherlock... And suddenly I was obsessed again.

I kept meaning to post but didn't... Posting kept getting bigger and harder in my mind. So many things to say and catch up on. So now I've decided to post quick short things instead. Hopefully this will work instead.
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1. Monty Python & the Holy Grail
2. The Town
3. Valentine's Day
4. Touch of Pink
5. Diamonds
6. Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
7. The Social Network
8. The Kids Are All Right
9. He's Just Not That Into You
10. The Holiday
11. Man About Town
12. Hitch

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I have cards, nifty stamps, markers, colored pencils, and I'm going out to buy holiday postage stamps... So if anyone is interested in any last minute holiday cards leave a comment. Comments are screened.
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Dear Yuletide Writer:

Sorry this is so late, every time I sat down to write this I stop in the middle and when I pick back up it would be missing because Firefox crashed or some other mishap. Anyways, it's here now and I hope this helps or at least doesn't hinder. Because I'm sure I'll like anything that is written in these four fandoms.

Things I like: flirting, humor, snarkiness, first time, relationship fic, ust, bdsm, smut, friendship leading to romance, missing scenes, fix it stories.

Things I don't like: character death, unhappy endings, mpreg in non-sci/fantasy setting

Lost Girl: Kenzi, Dyson
I'd like to see more of Kenzi and Dyson's friendship. If you would like to take it a romantic level that would make me even happier.
I admit it Kenzi and Dyson (and Trick) are my favorite characters and somewhere along the line I got in my head that I wanted them together... And I guess the rest you say is history. Please note I do like Bo, so feel free to use her if you like just no Lauren.

Raising Hope: Jimmy, Sabrina
What if Drakkar Noir hadn't run out of Howdy's Market so fast and Sabrina had met him at the end of Don't Vote for this Episode. Or what happens when Sabrina finds out that Jimmy is Drakkar Noir?
Raising Hope was the first comedy I've watched in over 5 years. Yes, really. I kept seeing the first few minutes after Glee because my Tivo would tape them and it would make wonder if it was really as good as those few minutes. I then mainlined it over the summer in a weekend. Anyways... I'm totally intrigued with the past that they showed in the last episode of the first season. Drakkar and Jimmy seem so totally different but also the same and I would love to see more of that. Plus the whole Sabrina thing just made it even more delicious.

Grimm: Nick, Eddie
Would like to see more of Nick and Eddie's friendship. If it develops in to more, I'll be even happier.
I love how Nick just shows up at Eddie's door expecting him to help...and after a bit of griping he always does. For some reason these two just make me awfully happy.

Revenge: Amanda aka Emily, Jack, Nolan, Emily aka Amanda
I admit it I would love to see some weird messy quadrangle going on here. And yes, I would love it if you use Nolan's bisexuality.
Okay, so this where you see into my head and see just how screw it is....I love Nolan a lot. I wouldn't mind seeing him paired with Amanda or Jack or both. But back to my prompt, it's obvious that the show is going in the Jack/Emily direction and it's clear that their is UST between Amanda/Jack. IMHO, Nolan seems to have chemistry with everyone but especially Amanda & Jack. My only request is if possible please get Nolan laid by someone he cares about.


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